Rami Abadir is a music producer, sound designer, DJ and music critic, master in digital media, born in Cairo.
His work focuses on experimental, club, glitch and ambient music and touches on themes inspired by fantasy, memory and cultural artifacts, but is not limited by them. Abadir in his experiments prefers the technique of mutation, in which the elements are merged until they are completely indistinguishable and transformed into a new.

Derrick May is one of the greatest living figures in electronic music, a part of The Belleville Three, a group of early Detroit producers who tested the limits of the spirit in electronic dance music and forever changed the integrity of that form. Derrick May’s reputation as a pioneer has remained intact despite more than a decade of recording hiatus. May has recorded techno tracks that leading dance producers consider as the most original and influential.
Derrick May’s classic sound is a clever balance between flowing cascades of sound with percussion and string samples and a warmth derived from his time in Chicago, enchanted by the grooves of DJs like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. May’s label Transmat Records was home to his best material, such compositions as «Nude Photo», «Strings of Life», «Kaos» and «It Is What It Is», released in 1987-1989 as Rhythim Is Rhythim.

Dutch composer and DJ Matthew Dekay has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for two decades. Dekay’s DJ sets hypnotically and smoothly thrill the dance floor with bass lines, multifaceted percussion, and delicate melodies. His love for different genres of electronic dance music, from ambient, house to dub-techno, leads to a love for long, lasting sets where the music vibrates like the universal language of life.

A musical project that emerged during the pandemic, combines the piercing sounds of traditional instruments and oriental melodies with the aesthetics of modern electronic music. Each track of QARAQOOM is a caravan journey into a world of fabulous landscapes, where ancient cultures and modern rhythms meet.

A DJ and producer who was born in Tbilisi and recently moved to Berlin. Her sound covers the horizon from electro to acid and techno, often colliding and thereby transforming it. Her sets are balanced and subtle, but at the same time they put you in a hardcore dance trance.

The alter ego of one of the main heroes of the Russian electronic scene Ishome. If Mirabella creates introverted soundscapes full of melancholy and otherworldly charm within her main project, in the guise of Shadowax she shows maximum freedom, experimenting and having some self-irony. Rhythmic techno and extreme hardcore, allusions to pop music and creepy variations on the theme of hip-hop — the motley repertoire remains one of Shadowax’s signature sounds.

While borderlining the loupe of impractical terms, such as techno or avantgarde, the Swedish duo has for the past decade built a reputation for their sonic finesse rather than clear dramaturgy. Away from idolatry and escapism their music embodies a primitive urge to be alive.
Opposites attract and within that framework their performance continues to be a four leafed clover in contemporary club environments worldwide. By deconstructing the core of tomorrow’s dance floors SHXCXCHCXSH continually manages to create and destroy everything the consumer seeks and enjoys. Where context is nothing, impression is everything and the beholder remains in center.

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