Abusbl — plays sets from digital and his own capacious vinyl collection. The main characteristic of all multi-genre music he listens to, collects and plays is groove and energy!

Acidian is a sound producer from Almaty with Bishkek background who prefers dense and dark sound. In his sets Acidian explores various forms and structures of groove, masterfully combining different musical genres such as techno, EBM, breaks, electro, bass and oriental. He has played at Bult, Shulama, Bardak, Opium, Cadence, TYH, Synergy, AfterToy, Culture events

Akchorella, a Fields festival producer and DJ, enjoys contrasts and actively shares her view with audience. In her music selection, Akchorella explores the intersection of genres and time eras. She skillfully combines French low-fi new wave with American experimental electronics, modern avant-pop, and harsh yet playful dance music.

Alen Ismailov & Toir Asqar are an eminent musical collaboration between Toir Asqar, a distinguished artist of Uzbekistan and one of the country’s most recognized instrumentalists, and Alen Ismailov, known as dr1ambient. Toir Asqar is celebrated for his prowess with traditional Uzbek stringed instruments, while Alen Ismailov specializes in oriental drone ambient and minimal dub. Their performances deeply experiment with genre minimalism, including the use of the tar and live electronic music, creating a unique sound on stage.

AS is a music project that delivers rich minimalistic Romanian sounds blended with intense breakbeats. Known as an ambassador of intelligent sound, AS actively pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Developing his talent in Tashkent while being a global citizen, AS participates in international music projects and festivals. His music reflects global trends in electronics while retaining unique cultural nuances.AS is a music project that delivers rich minimalistic Romanian sounds blended with intense breakbeats. Known as an ambassador of intelligent sound, AS actively pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Developing his talent in Tashkent while being a global citizen, AS participates in international music projects and festivals. His music reflects global trends in electronics while retaining unique cultural nuances.

AWWWARA is a Georgian music duo and label consisting of Georgi Koberidze and Levan Luka Nakashidze. They draw inspiration for contemporary music from Georgian instruments and folklore. The primary goal of the project is to explore new techniques and expand the capabilities of local instruments. To this end, the duo occasionally collaborates with additional instrumentalists from various genres in an ensemble format. It should be noted that out of deep respect for Georgian musical folklore, AWWWARA strictly limits its interaction with it to the use of traditional instruments. The project refrains from incorporating melodies or samples from this rich musical heritage, aiming to preserve its originality and uniqueness in a modern interpretation.

Baby An is a young and talented DJ from Perm, whose passion for music began in childhood after she graduated from music school in violin. At age 12, she was captivated by the energy and creativity of music, especially electronic. Baby An is known for her unique blend of genres, including acid techno, techno, and trance. Her sets are filled with energy and atmosphere, making dance floors erupt with emotion. As a resident at Club Hudud, Anastasia had the opportunity to perform and grow as a DJ, strengthening her expertise. Her degree in applied computer sciences adds a unique blend of creative and technical skills to her repertoire.

Batyrkan (real name Kadyr Batyrkanov) is a multidisciplinary artist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, born on February 22, 1986. His musical career started in his youth when his amateur passion for electronic music led him to DJing in local rock bands “Stop my Ogyxen” and “Plane One”. In 2012, he became the drummer for the Kyrgyz metalcore/hardcore band “The Last Day of Silence”. Kadyr is also known as a photographer, designer, and founder of the Mozgami graphic design studio. Recently, he has been playing drums in a folklore band with the renowned Kyrgyz singer Gulzada. His musical inspiration combines soundscapes of natural and cultural elements through the lens of Kyrgyz folklore with dynamic and mysterious sound effects of electronic music. In 2019, Batyrkan released his first album “Umai,” followed by his second album “Komuz” in 2020, featuring the famous komuz player Kylymdar.

BEXA is an exceptionally charismatic DJ from Warsaw, known for her eclectic musical selection and dynamic style. Although her heart belongs to techno, she constantly seeks inspiration in other musical genres, not just electronic ones. Since her debut in 2019, she has taken the electronic music scene by storm, and by the following year, she received an award in the Munoludy plebiscite in the “Discovery of the Year” category. As a young promoter, BEXA works with Poland’s oldest techno label, INSTYTUT. In 2022 and 2023, she actively participated in the organization of many events and festivals, such as the Instytut Festival, Sadzimy Techno Las (Let’s Plant a Techno Forest), and Panie Proszą Panów (Ladies Ask Gentlemen). As the brand ambassador for “Techno Is a Lady,” she actively supports initiatives to promote and support women in electronic music, aiming to positively influence the development of the scene. She has performed alongside artists such as TRYM, Rebekah, Hector Oaks, Nico Moreno, Headless Horseman, Echoes of October, Spartaque, and many others.

The sound of Carlo Maria is a paradox. Trained in compositional techniques barely related to dance floor culture, he channels his vision through the prism of minimalist grooves—crystal, melodic, and somewhat somber. Despite its refinement, his techno, ambient, and dub are the kind of music you play at full blast in the morning, ignoring the neighbors. This style distinguishes Carlo Maria from many other musicians, adding uniqueness to his creative expression and allowing his music to fill the space with an extraordinary atmosphere.

Starting her career in a jazz band, Deena – a Tunisian producer and DJ, after numerous performances on the electronic scene in Tunisia, moved to France.
She signed with the Parisian label InFiné and released two EPs there, Klabb (2017) and Dhakar (2020), as well as an album entitled Khonnar (2018), which received high praise from several international media such as Pitchfork and The Guardian.
Her music is an attempt to reinterpret the elements that make up the diversity of Arabic music, drawing inspiration from electronic dance music influenced by Club music, as well as the contemporary avant-garde and experimental scene. She co-produced the track “an itch”, which was featured on Fever Ray’s latest album “Plunge” and has released several remixes of works by Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Flore, Domenico Torti, and Afrika Bambaataa.
In live performances or DJ sets, Deena has appeared on stage at many renowned festivals and events such as the Sonar Festival, Les Dunes Electroniques in Tunisia, CTM Festival in Berlin, Dekmantel in Amsterdam, the Dour festival, or Mutek Festival in Mexico City, as well as in clubs including Concrete and Dehors Brut in Paris, Berghain in Berlin, among others…

Densk is a prominent figure in Tashkent’s local scene, actively promoting house music. His musical journey began in 2018 with the project Fragment. Since then, Densk has been a notable presence at festivals like Voskhod and Stihia, where his house music sets capture the audience’s attention and admiration. His style is distinguished by a meticulous selection of tracks and the ability to create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor, making each of his performances a memorable event.

Dmitri Shvets is a key figure in Tashkent’s underground movement, constantly exploring new facets of his creativity. Inspired by a broad spectrum of musical styles, including Minimal Techno, Microhouse, Electro, and Acid, Dmitriy regularly participates in events organized by the promo team Frumos, where he has earned a residency. His talent shone at festivals such as Stihia 2021 and Wecosmos, where his sets delighted audiences and solidified his reputation as one of the scene’s leading DJs.

An experimental electronic synthesis of “broken” rhythmic structures. A trio of DJs and composers – Josef Tumari, Varlamov, and Lisunovsky – founders of a research laboratory for sound and electronic music.

E.T. (real name Elnur Toleukhan) is a promising Kazakh DJ from Almaty, a key figure in the local underground electronic music scene. He is a resident of the ZVUK collective and co-founder of the MOBILESUBURB label, which aims to provide a platform for niche artists from Kazakhstan. The moniker E.T. is a play on words in Kazakh, translating to “meaty beats,” aptly describing his penchant for dense, hyper-energetic tracks in the leftfield club genre. His sets have the remarkable ability to ignite passion even among the most reserved dancers. E.T. has performed at notable venues and festivals including Herrensauna at Tresor (Germany), WHOLE Festival (Germany), Den Anden Side (Denmark), Office (Armenia), and the HOT!HOT!HOT! Festival (Norway).

Edigee (Yedige Nessipbek) is a talented producer and DJ significantly influencing the Kazakh electronic music scene. He is a resident of Zvuk and a teacher at the renowned 4X4 DJ school. Edigee is also known as the creator and curator of the popular Chaikhana stream and the founder of the innovative project U.poison. His performances are distinguished by a unique style that transcends a single genre, which can be described as a fusion of energetic music with percussion and Eastern motifs. A participant in significant music festivals such as Stihia, Spirit of Tengri, Ethnotronica, and Kolfest, Edigee is constantly in search of a unique Kazakh sound and a deep meaning of existence expressed through music.

eenkay is a DJ and producer based in Tashkent, whose sound intertwines electro, techno, and hard drum rhythms. His music career began in hip-hop/trap production, which laid the foundation for his authentic style. eenkay is a resident of the Plovistan collective, which organizes and promotes musical events in Tashkent and across Central Asia. This positions him as a key figure in the regional music scene, contributing to the development and popularization of electronic music.

electrofocus is a unique figure on the Tashkent scene, combining a career as a software developer with a passion for DJing. Starting his music career in the summer of 2023, electrofocus quickly became an active member of the local electronic music community. In his sets, he prefers melodic electronic house, supplemented by elements of techno, trance, and acid. His music is characterized by a deep understanding of contemporary trends and the ability to create rich atmospheric tracks, making his performances sought after at electronic venues and online.

The pseudonym Fatima Rusalka conceals the multifaceted personality of Maxim Yakubov, for whom music is an integral part of life. Maxim actively participates in organizing non-commercial music events and often appears as a guest at various occasions, also being a resident DJ at Frumos collective parties. In his sets, he skillfully intertwines and twists genres of electronic music from breakbeat to techno, spicing everything up with an acid sound. His musical experiments and ability to create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor set him apart from other DJs, making his performances memorable and sought after.

Ochil Takhtamukhamedov, better known as DJ OCHIL, was once considered one of the best DJs in Central Asia and is the creator of Uzbekistan’s first techno project, “FO2YOU”. In 2023, Ochil, together with Minor Unit and two other like-minded individuals, founded the “Resonate” project, aiming to revive and expand the electronic music scene in the region. Today, Ochil is also known as a restaurateur and wine expert. His goal at festivals is not only to convey the aesthetics of electronic music to the audience but also to “shake things up old school,” showcasing his musical roots and evolution as an artist.

Galya Bisengalieva is an artist who defies easy characterization or genre classification. The Kazakh composer, producer, and violinist has established herself as a standout master in contemporary music through her originality and virtuosity. In 2020, she released her debut album Aralkum, where Galya’s focus on expansive spatial sounds helped to uncover the theme of the album – the Aral Sea and the desert landscapes formed as a result of catastrophic drying. In October 2023, her second atmospheric album, Polygon, was released, this time drawing attention to one of the darkest episodes in Kazakh history – the radioactive legacy of the Semipalatinsk Test Site. Galya, an internationally recognized performer, has played at venues such as the Barbican, Royal Festival Hall, National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, Brooklyn Academy of Arts, ACE Theatre LA, Béla Bartók Concert Hall, Victoria Hall, Teatro Colón, Strelka Institute, Concertgebouw, Elbphilharmonie, and the Paris Philharmonie. Galya’s solos and improvisations can be heard in numerous film soundtracks, including You Were Never Really Here, Honey Boy, The Two Popes, The Master, Suspiria, as well as in albums by Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, Radiohead, The National, and Sigur Rós.

In Hayk’s music, one can feel the vivid palette of the Mediterranean and the rich diversity of medieval Armenian culture. As a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Armenian wind instruments, Hayk conveys the full spectrum of his cultural identity through these instruments, as if mining their sounds from the depths of his subconscious. As a person of mixed heritage, blending the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and Armenia, he has never aimed to be solely Armenian in his music or self-identification. His artistry is always a mix and a continuous experiment. Hayk’s music is never finished; it is constantly evolving, always in search of the new, regularly surprising listeners with its novelty and unexpected solutions.

A DJ and producer from Tashkent who loves mixing broken beats with straight kicks. In a relatively short career span, she has already significantly expanded her resume—from performing at local venues to participating in the Stihia Festival and touring Central Asia. She has also made a notable impact on the international scene, performing on the main stage at Club Mutabor. This spring, she delighted all electronic music enthusiasts with her set on Rinse France, continuing her series of musical achievements with a performance at Test FM during the Aloqalar event.

Irshad, known as iN, is a leading figure and resident of the club movement in Baku. He stands out with his unique musical preferences, which lean towards deep and hard beats. These qualities are reflected in his approach to creating techno music, where he strives to avoid banal clichés, thereby expanding the genre’s boundaries. Irshad is known for his commitment to innovation in music, making his sets unique and full of energy. His creativity inspires many emerging artists and significantly contributes to the development of Baku’s club culture, making him a prominent figure in the music scene.


isl is a talented DJ and sound producer who paints sonic landscapes like an artist, using bright hi-hats, piercing chords, and growling basses. His musical compositions create a rich atmosphere on the dance floor. By blending simplicity with modern trends and iconic records in his sets, isl aims to evoke deep emotions and reflections in his listeners. Grounded in house, deep house, and minimal, his music awakens a genuine passion for dance and immerses the audience in a world of personal sensations and memories.

Joseph Tumari, an electronic musician and producer from Tashkent that creates a unique sound that he describes as a “symbiosis of introverted nostalgia with elements of ambient, electro, and techno, possessing a unique atmosphere.”
His music is often characterized by broken rhythms, dark melodies, and rhythmic lines, creating a rich and powerful audiovisual landscape. Vintage synthesizers combined with lo-fi sound give the pieces warmth and authenticity, evoking a sense of nostalgia and creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. His musical approach is a fresh take on the electronic scene, combining classic techniques with experimental sound design. This allows Joseph to create compositions that are both familiar and surprisingly new, where each track is a journey into the past and future simultaneously.

Kebato is a passionate vinyl records digger and a DJ. Largely focusing on minimal, eclectic, ambient techno genres.

Kesha Rush is a DJ from Turkmenistan renowned for his unique approach to electronic and Afro house music. His style is distinguished not only by skilled mixing but also by a deep understanding of the cultural roots of these genres, enabling him to create unique musical compositions. Additionally, Kesha Rush has played a key role in popularizing the RnB-Soul genre in the country, instilling a love for this style among a wide audience. His performances attract the attention of music enthusiasts and bring fresh energy to the dance floor.

Kokonja is an exceptional electronic music composer, DJ, and artist, part of the Zvuk collective. Inspired by the art and harmony under the guidance of Bakhyt Bubikanova and educated at the bULt school, Kokonja successfully blends musical creativity with artistic vision. In 2023, she released her debut album “badik!” and performed on prestigious stages at Tresor in Berlin and Den Anden Side in Copenhagen as part of the Zvuk showcase. Her musical style encompasses ambient techno, deep techno, bass, and experimental, creating a mystical and luminous soundscape for a hypnotic bodily experience. Her tracks feature immersive synthesizers and sparkling, unexpected samples, often inspired by natural motifs.

LOUD373 is a musical project by two producers from Kokand, infused with a deep respect for their heritage and a desire to reinterpret cultural codes through music. LOUD373 does not merely mix traditional motifs with electronic beats; they aim to convey the emotional state and mood of the past, evoking deep feelings and reflection. The group actively participates in cultural life, performing at well-known festivals such as Groza and Stihia, and enlivens dozens of parties with their energetic sets. Their performances blend techno, breakbeat, drum-n-bass, dubstep with the ambiance of traditional Uzbek music, performances by local comedians, and visual memes from Uzbek TikTok.

VAGAN is a talented multi-genre producer and DJ from Tashkent, who skillfully blends sounds and cultures, genres and atmospheres in his tracks. His music, characterized by deep dives into diverse soundscapes, often features at events such as Private Persons, System 108, and STVOL.TV. VAGAN is known for his unique approach to music creation, where he experiments with various musical styles from electronics to ambient, creating rich and memorable compositions. His work not only reflects his musical mastery but also his ability to integrate cultural influences into a harmonious sound whole, making his performances especially appealing to a broad audience.

MaraKanda is a creative union formed by music enthusiasts and artists dedicated to advancing their vision in the electronic music scene. Their mission involves creating, performing, and sharing musical ideas with our audience. They focus particularly on blending warm synthesized sounds with live instruments and rhythmic percussion. MaraKanda specializes in styles like Organic Ethnic House, Balearic, Downtempo, Afro House, Afro Tech, and Melodic House. Their approach merges deep musical traditions with contemporary trends, offering listeners a unique and emotionally rich experience.

The biography of Mari Breslavets is a story of passion for music, dedication to electronic culture, and relentless pursuit of developing and supporting the music community in Uzbekistan. Mari Breslavets is a musician, DJ, producer, co-founder of FRUMOS parties, and the art space HUDUD in Tashkent. Her musical palette is imbued with nostalgia for the ’90s, featuring upbeat compositions in techno, trance, and acid styles. Mari is known for her ability to create unique music sets, combining classic vibes with contemporary trends, and blending genres for a more expressive delivery.

Mariya El, emerging from Almaty’s dynamic electronic music scene is one of its most prominent representatives. Within Central Asian techno realm, she swiftly climbed to prominence, fueled by her profound passion for electronic music.As a member of the famous ZVUK Collective, Mariya collaborates with fellow enthusiasts, pushing boundaries of sonic exploration. Renowned for her electrifying performances, she transports audiences with her unique sound and rhythm.Beyond her DJ role, Mariya serves as ZVUK Collective’s Visual and Art Director, shaping Almaty’s music scene with her creative vision.

Masayoshi Fujita is a Japanese vibraphonist, marimbist, and composer. Aiming not to be confined by traditional vibraphone styles, techniques, or composition theory, he seeks his own sound of the vibraphone and new possibilities for instrument sound production.
Inspired by the silence and depth of fog, mountains, and inner gravity, his music evokes images, atmosphere, landscapes, and stories that resonate within him. His recent collaboration with German electronic musician Jan Jelinek has also gained widespread popularity, attracting significant attention from experimental music fans around the world.
After living in Berlin for 13 years, Masayoshi recently moved to a new home and studio in the rural Japanese mountain village of Kami-cho in Hyogo, following his long-held dream of creating music in nature, which he delicately shares with his listeners.

Maya is a DJ, promoter and cultural event manager who is one of the key figures of the new wave of Bishkek underground scene. Since the beginning of her journey in 2021, Maya founded two promotional bands – AfterToy and Synergy, and in a short time has been able to perform at significant venues in Bishkek, twice at bUlt techno club in Almaty and Raving Steppe party. She is the organizer of the city electronic music festival Ritmo Fest and participated in the recording of audio-visual podcasts “Abandoned” Track ID pls! and Kunu-Tunu Radio. Maya is known for her multi-genre approaches to music, combining techno, groove, rich percussion and local music, making her sets hypnotically ringing, sometimes melancholic or aggressive.

Meuko! Meuko! burst onto the experimental music scene at the end of 2017. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she uses techniques to collect and record the sounds around us to create a rich electronic vision of noise and explosive emotion. Her 2018 release, EP “鬼島 Ghost Island” on Swiss music label Danse Noire, was widely praised by Pitchfork and The Wire as an extraordinary symbiosis of cyber-vibe and live soul. She has performed at festivals such as Berlin Transmediale, MUTEK Montréal, Unsound, Sonic acts, Sónar+D Hong Kong, Hyperreality, Primavera Sound, and L.E.V Festival Madrid, and her compositions have graced the Venice and Busan Biennales and the Nemo Biennale of France.

Minor Unit is an aspiring DJ and collector of electronic and underground music since 1997. DJing is his main hobby, which he dedicates all his free time to, amidst his professional activities. His mixes are primarily a blend of progressive, organic, and melodic techno. Minor Unit is also an active participant in the Resonate project, where he continues to push his boundaries as a DJ and promote electronic music culture.

Experimental electronic underground of the «New East».
A DJ, producer, and leader of the Almaty scene, founder of the DIY event series ZVUK. She made her mark at the Unsound: Dislocation festival in 2016, and has since been actively touring Europe. Known for her emotional sets that blend techno, electro, acid, and industrial.
She regularly performs at Room 4 Resistance in Berlin and hosts the monthly radio show Theory of Nothing on Radio Cómeme.

Nikakoi, real name Nika Machaidze, is a pioneer of Georgian electronic music as well as a renowned composer and filmmaker. Since the mid-90s, Nika has embarked on his journey in the electronic realm, successfully blending digital noises and IDM rhythms with melancholic melodies. His unique style and approach to music have had a significant impact on the development of the electronic music scene in Georgia. Machaidze’s works are characterized by deep emotional resonance and technical sophistication, making his creations recognized and valued among electronic music aficionados. His work extends beyond music; Nika is also actively involved in filmmaking, where he applies his audiovisual skills to create captivating films and video art projects.

Nikina is a project of two young musicians, shining lights of the capital’s underground, who convey familiar emotions and fragile melancholy in their indie and dream pop works.

Nigina and Ilya have been writing music together for the second year, actively performing, experimenting, and searching for their unique sound. At their live performances, one can hear tracks with ethnic motifs, national Uzbek elements, and the dreamy pop that many have come to love. Nikina regularly performs at various festivals in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, such as mocfest, Stihia, and Foure. In January 2024, the duo released their debut album, “Mosaic of Youth,” a journey into Nigina’s personal experiences of friendship, growing up, love, loss, and hopes. The music is dreamy, melancholic, and contemplative, with notes of indie dream rock pop in various combinations.

Peter Theremin, a leading theremin player globally, is the great-grandson of Lev Theremin, the inventor of the theremin. Peter heads the Theremin School and founded Theremin Today, and co-organizes an international festival of theremin culture. His musical activities span academic performances with orchestras, organs, and pianos, to experimental live shows that expand auditory boundaries. He is also renowned for his lecture series on the history of electronic music and the theremin. Peter has given over 1000 performances, including concerts, lectures, and workshops, in various cities across Russia and internationally, including Belarus, France, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia, and Japan. As a film composer, he has received prestigious awards like the British “Creativpool” and the American “Clio Music” award in 2021.

The “Black Room” project is designed to activate the pineal gland, allowing participants to delve into profound spiritual experiences. Through darkness and absolute nothingness, participants connect with the beginning and end of all existence, including the path of Dao. The main substance facilitates journeys beyond time and space, eliciting deep spiritual experiences. Each participant interacts uniquely with the project, receiving a distinct experience.


An electronic project consisting of Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea at the intersection of techno, trance, experimental electronics, and sound design. Their releases on Nina Kraviz’s label TRIP, including the duo’s “Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day” and the LP “Am I Who I Am,” have gathered numerous positive reviews from publications like Pitchfork, The Quietus, Resident Advisor, and the iconic British magazine The Wire, with tracks frequently making it into the list of the year’s best tracks according to Fact magazine.
PTU creates complex dance canvases, building non-linear narratives within them and often accelerating up to 150 bpm. Instead of monotony, the duo prefers suddenness and sharpness — their works are full of unexpected turns and metamorphoses. This is especially felt during live performances when the duo’s powerful electric sound unleashes bangers on the audience. PTU’s live performances can be heard on the international stage — the duo has conquered London’s Printworks, Manchester’s The Warehouse Project, Tbilisi’s Bassiani, Berlin’s Tresor. Over the last few years, PTU could be heard on Boiler Room, at festivals like Sonar (Barcelona), Berlin Atonal, Unsound (Krakow), The Midway (San Francisco), and many others, in more than 20 countries around the world.

QARAQOOM is a music project that uniquely blends the ethnic sounds of Central Asia with modern electronic music. Their tracks range from organic house to progressive house and techno, showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage. The QARAQOOM studio is a place without creative boundaries, where music is created to inspire and innovate. QARAQOOM collaborates with labels such as “WeAreMusic”, “QARAQOOM Records”, “Cafe de Anatolia”, “Serum records”, “Enormous chills”, and “Bassmatic records”. They invite everyone to join their exciting musical journey and stay updated with their latest news.

REM AKA, a DJ and brand marketer from Uzbekistan, developed a passion for electronic music while living in Scandinavia 15 years ago. He specializes in progressive, deep, and afro/ethno house genres. In his sets, REM AKA masterfully blends various ethnic tunes, incorporating elements from Hindi, Persian, Arabic, and Slavic music into progressive beats. He is a co-organizer of a private rave party for ‘marketers & friends’ that takes place annually in the stunning gorges of Chimgan. Additionally, he performs electrifying sets at Gravity Bar in Tashkent. For REM AKA, electronic music is not just entertainment but a medium for shaping identity, expressing peace and love, facilitating change, and driving socio-environmental responsibility.

Sabinē is a bright figure of the new generation of electronic music in Uzbekistan, as well as the co-founder of the Sublimation Collective label, which aims to expand the genre’s boundaries by producing collaborative tracks with promising artists. Today, she is a DJ, label manager, producer, and promoter based in Riga, who also served as a resident DJ at the One One club in Riga. Her music is a love for diverse, evocative, and emotional techno sounds – from industrial and acid bass to aggressive beats and powerful rhythms. She has performed at the Stihia and Under (Riga) festivals, as well as presented her set at Boiler Room, the renowned Berlin HÖR, legendary club Tresor, and various venues across Eurasia alongside Nina Kraviz, Dr. Rubinstein, Dasha Rush, Hector Oaks, Perc, Regal, and Tommy Four Seven.


SAO from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) is a multi-genre DJ and party promoter actively involved in organizing “AfterТой” events. She is a resident at popular venues such as Ailan Bar, EMM, TYN, Cadence. SAO has performed at club bULt in Almaty, at parties like “Don’t be a Dick”, “Raving Steppe”, as well as at Frumos/Hudud events in Tashkent and at festivals like Kolfest (Kyrgyzstan, 2022) and Stihia (Uzbekistan, 2023). Her musical style spans techno, house, breakbeat, trance, and experimental genres, effortlessly oscillating between energetic, fun, dark, gothic, and deeply nostalgic shades. The integration of Eastern elements adds a hypnotic and rich dimension to her performances, creating unique auditory adventures.

Shikramov is a multi-genre DJ and aspiring producer. Member of the GhettScape base community. In his sets he prefers dark sounds with broken rhythms and deep bass.

Since childhood, Agata was inspired by the sounds of nature and synthesizers she heard on ambient and new-age music cassettes owned by her parents. She began her musical education at the Emīls Darzinš Music School in Riga in 1995, initially studying piano before switching to music theory and history. After school, she continued her studies at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. Alongside her studies, Agata developed a DJ practice, expanding her interest in various musical styles. In 2012, after graduating from the academy, Agata decided to devote herself to personal musical creativity.
Agata’s musical journey as the Sign Libra project began in 2016 with her debut EP Closer to the Equator, inspired by BBC documentaries about tropical forests. That same year, she participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. In 2017, her release caught the attention of the Parisian label Antinote and was reissued on vinyl. In 2020, Agata released her second album Sea to Sea on the RVNG Intl. label, gaining international recognition. Sign Libra has performed in New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, Berlin, and other cities.

The Lipsky brothers are a breakthrough in club culture with a unique sound that blends psychedelic rock with techno hits, supported by a deep interest in a variety of musical styles, from the exotic to punk. Their production work, filled with narrative, melody, and drama, resonates with a wide audience, as evidenced by successful remixes for well-known artists and their debut LP Sorry, We Did Something Wrong, which stands out for its ambition and uniqueness.
After moving from Russia, Simple Symmetry begins a new chapter in their creativity, returning with the epic EP Problem on the Multi Culti label, complemented by a remix from Red Axes. This new beginning is underscored by their ability to combine radical boldness with self-awareness, continuing to experiment with dance music and expanding the boundaries of their sound.

Nikita Smirnov is a talented DJ and emerging producer known for his ability to harmoniously blend musical directions from different eras. Not confined to one style, Nikita continuously explores various genres and experiments with new sound textures, making his sets uniquely diverse and engaging. His technical prowess in mixing broken and straight rhythms during performances is especially notable. Over two years in Tashkent, Nikita has performed at all well-known venues in and around the city, earning a reputation as a confident artist and quality selector.

TENGGER is a unique musical family that combines talents from South Korea and Japan. ITTA and MARQIDO present a unique synthesis of psychedelic New-Age music where the sound of harmoniums blends with the magic of toy instruments and modern electronics. The stage name TENGGER, meaning “unlimited expanse of sky,” symbolizes freedom and infinity, which are reflected in every chord of their music.

TSHUNK is a talented artist from Karakalpakstan, known for his performances at the Stihia festival in 2022 and his appearances in popular bars and clubs in Tashkent, including Grammy and Bla Bla Bar. His sets are characterized by sound experiments and a blend of various styles and genres of electronic music, such as afro house, organic house, down tempo, indie dance, and melodic techno. TSHUNK also actively incorporates national instruments and melodies into his performances, making his music uniquely diverse and rich.

Varkal is an inspiring leader, member, and project manager of the creative collective FRUMOS. For over 20 years, he has passionately developed the electronic music scene in Tashkent, favoring “deep” sounds and dance rhythms. In his sets, Varkal enjoys experimenting with various genres, from Acid and industrial techno to Italo Disco.

Votsok is a DJ, Digger, and “jam detective” from the rare jams department, hailing from Bishkek,. He is a co-founder of “OddBor” – underground music events from Kyrgyzstan. Trippy, UFO, acid, and tribalism. He is constantly in search of a unique sound and groove, regardless of the year of release and genre.

Xyarim is a standout figure in the underground scene of Tashkent, an active member of the collective and the creative association “Unstable Degree”. He is renowned for his performances at significant events, including Uzbekistan’s first Boiler Room. This year, Xyarim will again perform at the Stihia Festival, marking his fourth participation. In his sets, he skillfully combines hard techno and hard groove with the legendary sound of the TR-909 drum machine. His sets are infused with nostalgia for the ’90s techno, enriched with dissonant parts and hypnotic sequences, creating a unique and powerful sonic experience.

Yõldosh, a resident of the Stihia festival and participant in events such as the Samarkand Marathon, Bukhara Night Race, and Ultra Zaamin, believes in the idea that “power is in truth, love is in music.” His musical journey began in 2018, inspired by the development of the local scene and the first Stihia festival in the desert depths of the Aral Sea. Yõldosh does not stick to specific genres of electronic music, preferring creative experimentation and the exploration of new things. He skillfully selects music that fits each place and atmosphere, creating a vibe that resonates with everyone present.

Zack Fridayvich, also known as @softcore_81, is a pivotal figure in the underground scene of Bishkek. His contributions to the development of the local club culture and his mentorship to the younger generation of DJs have helped kickstart a new wave of club movements in the city. He is also one of the founders and curators of the EMM (Electronic Music Meet) @emm_bish, which he has been nurturing for 9 years, adhering to a concept of liberation and freedom of expression. In his sets, Zack favors trippy house, dub techno, ambient, minimal techno, and disco, making his style uniquely diverse.

ZKHN, a rising DJ from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is known for his unique blend of groovy techno, funky vibes, and experimental hyper house. His style is distinctly marked by a fusion of oriental motifs and European sounds, catering to diverse musical tastes. ZKHN is a regular at local hotspots like Hudud, Frumos, and Plovistan, where he captivates audiences with his dynamic performances. His improvisational sets on the DSL system are particularly notable for their creativity and energy. With a childhood rooted in music and a journey that has seen him evolve through various local venues, ZKHN’s performances not only showcase his passion for music but also his commitment to pushing musical boundaries.


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