What is Stihia?

Stihia is an electronic music, arts and science festival. It is an independent project incepted in 2017 in Uzbekistan. “Stihia” means “force of nature” and it comes from greek.

Our mission is attaining sustainable development in Muynak. 

The Aral Sea was once the world’s fourth-largest saline lake. Over recent decades, man-made diversions have caused it to shrink to a mere shadow 

of its former size and created the most acute environmental problem in the Central Asian region.

While being primarily a music event, the project quickly grew into a solid movement and expanded its boundaries beyond playing techno sounds at the edge of the dead sea. 

Stihia is a combination of several projects that include collaboration of musicians, artists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs – all united to produce a spectacular blend of human interaction in one of the most unique places in the world. 

We believe that the gravitational pull of talent and inspiration may produce some of the most unexpected and breakthrough results. 

That is why Stihia exists.

1. What are the festival principles?

Stihia is a unique place of cultural collision and human interaction in one of the most distant parts of the world.

You are expected to follow these principles:

  • Respect the desert and people around you;
  • Respect Muynak and its people;
  • Do not leave rubbish;
  • ​Be active at festival events;
  • ​Be self-expressive.

2. How do I buy tickets to the festival?

Tickets can be purchased on our website – stihia.org.

Prices start at 200,000 UZS (about $20), get 300,000 UZS (about $30) from April 18, 2022 and 400,000 UZS ($40) from May 1, 2022. We do not sell tickets at doors.

We are yet working with our bank to accept VISA cards and this will be done in mid March and you will be notified.

3. What does a ticket include?

Getting a ticket allows you to enter and stay in the camp for three days of the festival and also attend all other social events at the festival. 

Please note that tickets do not cover transportation and living costs. You will need to get a wristband at the camp entry upon your arrival. Please follow the instructions you get with a ticket.

4. COVID-19 protocol at the festival:

During the festival, the following rules will apply:

  • Temperature will be checked at the entrance to the camp/forum;
  • Visitors are not allowed on the stage, only artists/musicians and sound engineers may be on the stage;
  • Sanitizers will be set up on the festival grounds and by the restrooms.

Please refrain from traveling to the festival if you have any COVID-19 symptoms – fever, aches and pains, runny nose, loss of smell.

5. COVID-19 requirements for entering and exiting Uzbekistan.

There is no quarantine or a lockdown in Uzbekistan. Wearing masks is recommended in public places, but not required. 


A 72 hours negative PCR test is required to be presented upon arrival to Uzbekistan. However, if you have vaccination certificate, then no PCR test is required. You can also do an express PCR test on arrival to Uzbekistan.


Also, depending on the country of departure, passengers might need to get a PCR test when leaving Uzbekistan. We could encourage you to check this with the regulations in arrival country.


IF you need to get outbound PCR test, then here are the lists of laboratories where you can take PCR test in Tashkent: uz.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-testing-facilities.

In Nukus PCR tests can be done at local clinic “Medical Center”, costs around $20, the results come out in about 5 hours. Contacts: +998995030303; +998913049450.


There is also a laboratory at Tashkent International Airport. Results are available in 4 hours. Contact: +998951995500. In addition, there is an on-site service in Tashkent. It is available through this contact via Telegram.

6. How to get to Muynak?

There are several ways to get to the festival.

Foreign guests need to fly to one of the international airports of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Fergana, Urgench), preferably one day before departure. Tickets can be purchased online: www.uzairways.com or through other airlines that frequently fly to Uzbekistan: Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, S7, Air Astana, Asiana, China Southern, Korean Air.

The route to Muynak is not an easy trip so it should be planned well ahead.

Muynak can be reached by car from Nukus. It takes about 2.5 hours. You can take a local taxi near the airport. The approximate cost of a one-way trip is about 200,000 soum per car (about $20). Shared travels are welcomed.

It is also possible to go to Muynak through Urgench (the taxiride takes about 5 hours). It is also possible to take a train from Tashkent to Kungrad (it takes about 20 hours) and then from Kungrad to Muynak in 40 minutes by taxi.

Shuttle-buses will be orgnanized between Nukus and Muynak, but this will depend on their full booking.


Paid shuttle buses will be launched between Nukus and Muynak – for booking and payment, please fill out the form:

Form to fill out

If you have already bought a ticket for 08.05.2022 and you need a transfer, please fill out the form:

Form to fill out



– 06.05 Nukus-Muynak: at 07:00 from the railway station, at 10:00 from the airport;

– 09.05 Muynak-Nukus: at 08:30 to the station, at 14:00 to the airport.

The Nukus-Muynak-Nukus transfer will cost 150,000 soums per person.

For transfer questions, call: +998 71 233 22 32.

To reserve a place, you need to fill out the form.

Regular buses will be launched between Nukus and Muynak, but this will depend on their full filling.

7. What is Turkish Airlines promo-code and are there other tips?

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of Stihia festival. 15% discounts are offered for all delegates traveling globally to the festival from 29th April till 15th May (both dates inclusive). 

To proceed with the online booking tool, please visit Turkish Airlines website and use the event code 008TKM22 under the Promotion code section: www.turkishairlines.com/en-tr/flights/booking/promocode/ 

Due to the lack of seats on the main flight Tashkent-Nukus on 06.05.2022, an additional flight will be organized on the same dates.
We ask you to fill out the request form for this flight yourself – one person, one application.

Form to fill out

If you have already bought a ticket for 08.05.2022 and you need a transfer, please fill out the form:

Form to fill out



If there are no seats available for Uzbekistan Airlines for Tashkent-Nukus-Tashkent flight on May 6-8, please email us at booking@peopletravel.uz to get into the waiting list. This will help us to arrange an extra flight.Also, please visit our official Telegram group to find shared trips and get other insights: t.me/GoSTIHIYA.

8. How do I get to the festival area?

The festival area is located at the “Ship graveyard” in Muynak.

To get there, you have to drive straight along the main road of Muynak without turning anywhere. After about 6-7 minutes of driving at a medium speed you will see a cinema on the right, behind which the festival area is located (the landmark is the “Mayak” cafe). You can also ask the locals to tell you where the “Ship graveyard” or “Mayak” cafe is.
Link to the location: goo.gl/maps/zWhciEYt8MiGkrJ2A.

9. Where can I stay in Muynak?

Muynak is not a regular tourist destination, so there is not much infrastructure as in other tourist cities in Uzbekistan. Stihia festival is basically about dark and extreme tourism. Therefore, one must be prepared for field conditions. There is a number of accommodation solutions for guests of the festival and Muynak:

  • Yurt Camp on the festival grounds;
  • Guest House “Timur House”;
  • Guest House “Dilbar”;
  • Guest house “Bazarbai”;
  • Accommodation in apartments.

All accommodations will be displayed at www.people-travels.com/accommodation-in-muynak.html. If you have any questions about accommodation, please email booking@peopletravel.uz or call: +998 71 233 22 32.

10. Recommendations on how to set up and organize your life in a tent.

  • Set up tents in specially designated places for tent camping.
  • Place a piece of polyethylene film under the tent;
  • Put the sleeping bag directly in the tent on top of the tourist mat (pad);
  • Put the awning on top of the tent;
  • Don’t leave valuables and documents in the tent;
  • Don’t make bonfires in your tent and in the whole tent area;
  • Don’t smoke in the tent;
  • Don’t leave food open;
  • Place your tent wisely, keeping in mind that besides you there will be many others willing to camp.

11. What should I bring to the festival?

You must bring:

  • Identification documents;
  • Warm clothes (at night in the desert the temperature drops to 5 degrees);
  • Closed shoes;
  • Masks and sanitizers.

You are encouraged to bring:

  • Snacks, sandwiches, water;
  • Wet and dry wipes;
  • Mosquito spray;
  • Hygienic lipstick;
  • Earplugs;
  • Your medications (there are pharmacies in Muynak, but some medications may not be available);
  • Sunglasses and flashlight.

12. Will any food be provided?

There will be an on-site food catering area selling various meals, a sandwich bar and a cocktail bar. You are also free to bring your own food, of course. There are also some places to eat in Muynak.

13. Will there be sanitary facilities?

The territory of the festival will be guarded by members of the Interior Ministry and National Guard. There There will be bio-toilets and washing facilities at the camp. Please be respectful to other visitors and use facilities for a reasonable time. There will be rubbish bins for you to dispose of any rubbish or waste. These will be clearly signposted.

14. Will there be security?

The festival site will be guarded by national security services and the entire camp will be under video surveillance. However, you will be responsible for the safety of your personal belongings. In terms of medical facilities, there will be a medic on site. Also, there will be a fire truck.

15. Will I need a visa?

If you are a citizen of a CIS country, you will not need a visa. Also, if you are a citizen of one of the below listed countries, then you will not need a visa (it will be stamped in your passport upon your arrival and it’s free of charge).

  • Andorra 
  • Argentina 
  • Australia 
  • Austria 
  • Belgium 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Brazil 
  • Brunei Darussalam 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Canada 
  • Chile 
  • Croatia 
  • Cyprus 
  • Сzech Republic 
  • Denmark 
  • Estonia 
  • Finland 
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain 
  • Greece 
  • Hungary 
  • Iceland 
  • Ireland 
  • Italy 
  • Japan
  • Latvia 
  • Liechtenstein 
  • Lithuania 
  • Malta 
  • Monaco 
  • Mongolia 
  • Montenegro 
  • Netherlands 
  • New Zealand 
  • Norway 
  • Poland 
  • Portugal 
  • Romania 
  • San Marino 
  • Serbia 
  • Slovakia 
  • Slovenia 
  • Spain 
  • Sweden 
  • Switzerland 
  • Vatican

If you are coming from other countries, then you need to get a visa, and the process becomes very easy. Just follow the e-visa instructions here: evisa.mfa.uz/evisa_en

16. Can I use bank cards at the festival? And are there currency exchange offices in Muynak?

We understand that the festival is a place for relaxation and we do not require a puritanical attitude, but

Yes, the catering area, bar and other points of sale will accept both cash and non-cash payment (through the local Payme app). However, we will not be able to accept Mastercard or Visa at the camp.

In Uzbekistan all settlements are made only in local currency – Uzbek sums.  Exchange rate is roughly 11,000 UZS for 1 USD and 12,000 UZS for 1 EUR.

You can exchange currency at ATMs or bank offices in Muynak, Nukus, Tashkent or any other major city. We recommend doing it in advance either in Tashkent or Nukus. Under no circumstances exchange currency at currency dealers – it is illegal.

17. Does the festival site have mobile phone coverage?

Yes, all Uzbek mobile operators have excellent coverage in Muynak, and foreign guests can use the roaming services of a mobile operator from their country. 

But remember that Stihia is a place of solitude with nature and music, so we ask you to follow smartphone etiquette

18. Is alcohol allowed?

There will be a cocktail bar in the camp, we understand that you want to relax and unwind at the festival. As such, you may bring your own alcoholic drinks provided you drink reasonably and act responsibly. 

Excessive drinking or unreasonable behaviour will not be tolerated by our security. It goes without saying that illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

19. What is the program of the festival?

The festival consists of musical performances, the Stihia N+1 Forum, the 6 Billion Tree project and various social initiatives including Stihia Gen, Stihia Arts and more. 

Please enquire with our volunteers to know about ways to get involved.

20. What will be the music lineup for the festival in 2022?

The festival attracts artists from as many countries as possible from around the world. Also, there is a large number of local DJs and performers participating at the Stihia. There are three stages planned for 2022: electronic, progressive and ethnic.

Here is the lineup for 2022 (to be added):

  • Aril Brikha (IR)
  • Boston 168 (IT)
  • Dario Dea (IT)
  • Deer Jade (DE)
  • Edige & Kokonja (KZ)
  • Elif (TR)
  • Gio Frangishvili (GE)
  • IDA (DE)
  • Kaleekarma (IN)
  • Lola Palmer (UA)
  • Olivier Weiter (NL)
  • Polar Inertia (FR)
  • Saphileaum (GE)
  • Toke (GE)
  • Toto Chiavetta (IT)
  • Vladimir Dubyshkin (RU)
  • Wata Igarashi (JP)
  • Zack (KG)

21. What is Stihia N+1?

A scientific forum dedicated to exploring how human activity affects our present and future. The forum is conducted in collaboration with the government, experts and scientists . The goal is to bring creative minds together and launch a discussion about the sustainable development in the territories of Muynak region and also enquire into the future of arts and music.

22. What is a ticket return policy?

You can get a full refund if you cancel your ticket 15 days or earlier before the festival. You will need to write to acoustics@fakultet.io.

23. How to become a volunteer?

Just write to us. Stihia is a project of enthusiasts. We do everything with the help of volunteers, so any help will be much appreciated.

24. Who played at Stihia?

This Festival is an Everest for DJs and musicians. Some of them travel 24 hours to get to the venue. The music genres primarily include techno, acid, and progressive.

Some of the great artists that Stihia has previously hosted include: Acronym, Ah! Kosmos, Alien Rain, DJ Sodeyama, Interchain, Jamaica Suk, Mama Snake, Nazira, Nina Kraviz, Prisheletz, Yan Cook, Zoya Zerkalski and many more.