Stihia is a festival of electronic music, art, and science. It is a project conceived by enthusiasts in Uzbekistan in 2017.

From 2017 to 2022, the festival was held in Muynak, on the coast of the dried-up Aral Sea, following its mission to achieve sustainable development in Muynak. In 2023, the festival unfolded in the Navoi region, and in 2024, we are returning to Muynak again.

Principles of the festival

Stihia is a unique place of human interaction and cultural blending in one of the most atmospheric corners of the world.

We expect you to adhere to the following principles:

• Respect the desert and the people around you;

• Do not litter;

• Be active at the festival;

• Express yourself.

Coordinates: 43.790249, 59.033094

We also strongly urge you to carefully review the public offer and privacy policy on our website.

Public offer: https://stihia.org/public-offer/

Privacy policy: https://stihia.org/ru/privacy-policy/

Tickets can be purchased on the website — stihia.org.

Ticket prices:

• Initial price: 400,000 UZS

• Standard price: 600,000 UZS

• Late price: 800,000 UZS

Payment can be made with both local cards and international VISA/Mastercard.

• Music program – 4 stages:

I Am Still Waiting For You, Jonim. The dark side of the festival. Industrial techno, tribal bass, hardcore and trance.

Lighthouse. Light side of the festival. Warm house rhythms, progressive and dub-techno.

Aq Keme. Polygon for experiments. Avant-garde lives and ornate DJ sets.

#BackToMuynak. Open deck, local artists.

• STIHIA N+1 Forum, dedicated to sustainable development and ecology, as well as the stories of local residents about how they cope with the region’s existing problems;

• Eco-brand fair, as well as local Muynak craftsmen;

• Workshops, yoga, games, and entertainment;

• Art installations.

The ticket provides access to the festival territory for all four days. You will need to obtain a wristband at the Museum of the Aral Sea (on-site at the festival) by showing your ticket to a staff member. After receiving the wristband, you can freely pass-through security to enter the festival, presenting your wristband at each entrance. The wristband will only be valid on festival days, from 15:00 on 5 June to 06:00 on 9 June inclusive.

The ticket does not cover transportation and accommodation expenses.*

• Set up tents in the designated camping area;

• Lay a polyethylene film underneath the tent;

• Place a sleeping bag inside the tent on top of a camping mat;

• Stretch a tarp over the tent;

• Avoid leaving valuables and documents inside the tent;

• Do not build fires near your tent or within the camping area;

• Refrain from smoking inside the tent.

We recommend bringing:

• ID documents;

• Warm and light clothes (it gets cold in the desert at night, but it’s hot during the day);

• Closed-toe shoes;

• Snacks and water;

• Sunscreen;

• Wet and dry wipes;

• Face masks and sanitizers;

• Lip balm;

• Mosquito repellent spray;

• Earplugs;

• Medications (there are pharmacies in Muynak, but some medications may not be available);

• Sunglasses and a flashlight.

There will be a catering zone and a bar on the festival. You’ll have various festival foods, fast food, pilaf cooked in cauldrons, and much more. In the town of Muynak itself, you’ll also find plenty of different dining options.

Cooking food inside the tent or campsite is prohibited. There will be a catering area on the festival, with a wide selection of dishes to suit all tastes and preferences.

In the camp, there will be bio-toilets, sinks, and showers. Please be respectful of other visitors and use the facilities for a reasonable amount of time. Water is an extremely limited resource in the desert.

Security at the festival is provided by the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, as well as festival staff responsible for security. Additionally, there will be a first aid station and fire safety personnel at the festival. They all undergo safety training. 

The organizers are not accountable for the safety of your personal belongings. 

Any aggressive behavior will result in the visitor being escorted off the festival grounds and blacklisted.

If you are a citizen of the CIS or one of the countries listed below, you do not need a visa. You’ll get a free stamp in your passport upon arrival:

• Australia

• Austria

• Andorra

• Argentina

• Bulgaria

• Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Belgium

• Brazil

• Brunei Darussalam

• United Kingdom

• Vatican

• Hungary

• Germany

• Greece

• Denmark

• Ireland

• Iceland

• Spain

• Italy

• Canada

• Cyprus

• Latvia

• Lithuania

• Liechtenstein

• Malta

• Monaco

• Mongolia

• Netherlands

• Norway

• Poland

• Portugal


• Romania

• San Marino

• Serbia

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Finland

• France

• Croatia

• Montenegro

• Czech Republic

• Chile

• Switzerland

• Sweden

• Estonia

• New Zealand

• Japan

If you are traveling from other countries, you will need to obtain a visa, after which the process will be very simple. Follow the instructions to obtain an electronic visa here:  evisa.mfa.uz

Yes, both cash and card payments are accepted at the catering area, bar, and other sales points through local payment apps. 

In Uzbekistan, all transactions are conducted only in the local currency – Uzbek soums. The exchange rate is approximately 12,600 soums per 1 US dollar and 13,700 soums per 1 euro. 

You can exchange currency at ATMs or bank branches in Muynak, Nukus, Tashkent, or any other major city. It is recommended to do this in advance either in Tashkent or Nukus. Under no circumstances should you exchange currency with “currency dealers” – this is illegal.

Yes, all mobile operators in Uzbekistan have excellent coverage in Muynak, and foreign guests also can use roaming services from their own country’s mobile operator.

However, please remember that Stihia is a place for solitude with nature and music, so we ask participants to follow “smartphone etiquette”.

There will be a cocktail bar in the camp. We understand that you want to relax and unwind at the festival. We ask you to behave responsibly, otherwise the security may escort you outside the festival grounds.

Of course, any drugs at the festival are strictly prohibited.

Send us your sets, tracks, recordings, profiles – we’re always interested in new faces, we study them in detail, and we may invite you to participate in the festival program.

You can send your works here: support@mocreative.org

Stihia N+1 is a scientific forum dedicated to studying the impact of human activity on the present and future.

The forum is held in collaboration with the government, experts, and scientists. The goal is to bring creative minds together and initiate discussions on environmental issues right at the site of the ecological disaster, as well as to discuss questions of sustainable development and art. This year, the forum will also highlight local heroes and their stories.

If you are an expert, researcher, or activist in the field of ecology, climatology, and environmental protection, please send your applications for participation to support@mocreative.org and we will definitely consider your proposal.

Email us at support@mocreative.org

Stihia is a project of enthusiasts. A huge amount of work is done by volunteers, so any help will be very useful.

Yes, you can, but it requires our prior approval. To do this, please send a detailed description of your project to support@mocreative.org. We are willing to assist the most interesting installations with logistics and finances.

Free parking will be organized approximately 100-150 meters from the festival grounds.

During the festival days, dry weather is expected with the possibility of strong winds due to the desert climate. The air temperature in Muynak ranges from 30-35°C during the day to 20-25°C at night.

Here are all the possible options:


Flight from Tashkent to Nukus (1h 40m)

Several times a day

Price: starting at 485,000 UZS

+Taxi from Nukus to Muynak (3 hours)

To get to Muynak from nearby cities, you can catch a taxi at the airport or pre-arrange the ride with local drivers in Telegram chats.

One-way transfer price per car: 500,000 – 800,000 UZS




Flight from Tashkent to Urgench (1h 30m)

Several times a day

Price: from 485,000 UZS

+Taxi from Urgench to Muynak (5 hours)




Istanbul to Nukus flight (3h 45m)

Every Monday

Price: from 2,463,000 UZS

The shuttle flight Nukus-Muynak is also available every Monday, Friday and Sunday. Ticket price from 107,000 UZS.



Tashkent to Nukus (16-20 hours)

Every day

Price: from 340,000 UZS for platzkart and 440,000 UZS for coupé


Taxi from Nukus to Muynak (3 hours)


Tashkent to Kungrad (19-22 hours)

Every day

Price: from 340,000 UZS for platzkart and 440,000 UZS for coupé


+Kungrad to Muynak (1.5-2 hours)



You can also drive to Muynak by car from Tashkent (24 – 48 hours).

The route is going through the M-37 highway, which connects Tashkent with Nukus. Distance – 1300 km.


Chat with drivers planning to travel by car:


Yurts and tent camps will be available on the festival grounds. In the town of Muynak itself, there are small hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and rental accommodations, including apartments and houses. It is recommended to book accommodation in advance.

Guest House Dilbar:


Hostel Muynak:


Timur House:




Hotel Ratmina Muynak:


There is also a Telegram chat (https://t.me/+TbOPuP59vr85ODdi) available for finding houses, apartments, and rooms.

Ravi – real estate agent

+998 94 452 76 99

Tickets Tent spot rent