Terms and Conditions

The Unidentified Project Company Ltd (we, us) owns and operates Stihia Electronic Music and Arts Festival in Navoi region on 31 August – 2 September (Event). 

Your admission to and conduct at the Venue is governed by these terms and conditions (Venue Terms). By purchasing tickets (Ticket) to the Event and/ or entering or attempting to enter the Event, you will be deemed to have accepted these Venue Terms. 

  1. You must produce a valid Ticket to gain entry to the Event. 
  2. In addition to these Terms, you should refer to the FAQ section regulations held at www.stihia.org (as applicable). 
  3. Tickets can either be printed or, in the case of e-tickets, displayed on your mobile. 
  4. All Tickets for each Event will be checked and scanned on entry. It is your responsibility to check your Ticket(s) to ascertain the date and times of the Event. 
  5. You must bring a valid ID to the Event (passport, ID card, driving license). We cannot accept expired or out of date forms of Photo ID. If you are not able to provide proof of a valid Photo ID you may be refused entry without a refund. 
  6. You will need to exchange your Ticket for a wristband. 
  7. You must wear your wristband at all times during the Event. We reserve the right to conduct wristband checks at any times during the Event. Damaged wristbands may be treated invalid.  
  8. You must be 18 or older in order to attend the Event. 
  9. The following restrictions will apply to your attendance at the Event and your breach of any of these may lead to you being refused entry or ejected from the Event without a refund:
    • crowd surfing and moshing are prohibited;
    • no drugs;
    • no own alcohol;
    • no glass bottles;
    • no fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, explosives, firearms, knives, blades; or any other article which may be used as a weapon or missile, or which may, in our reasonable opinion, cause danger or disruption to visitors at the venue (regardless of whether or not such item is illegal or is carried for specific purposes);
    • no sponsorship, promotional or marketing material;
    • no unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment.
  10. We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited items. Anyone found in possession of a prohibited item will be refused admission and/ or ejected from the Venue without a refund and may also be liable for prosecution. 
  11. We reserve the right to pass your details to the relevant authorities should we consider an offence or criminal act has taken place. 
  12. We operate a strict zero tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be refused admission, ejected from the Venue without a refund and may also be liable for prosecution. 
  13. Strictly no trading or other commercial activity including marketing, advertising or flyposting by a Ticket holder will be allowed at the Venue with our written consent. 
  14. We recommend you review the weather forecast in advance of the Event, and ensure you are prepared for the forecast conditions with suitable clothing and footwear. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather. 
  15. We will not be held liable under any circumstances for loss, damage or theft of your personal property. We advise guests to only bring essential item to the Venue. 
  16. Film cameras may be present at the Venue as part of a recording that may be distributed (commercial or otherwise) without payment and by entering the Venue you consent to the foregoing. 
  17. We have a dedicated welfare and medical area at the Venue, if for any reason you or someone else feels unwell, immediately notify a steward or other official. 
  18. Ticket holders may be ejected from the Event and reported to the Police if in our reasonable opinion, the Ticket holder:
    – is a risk to the safety of any patron and/or may affect the enjoyment of other patrons and/or the running of the Event or may cause damage, nuisance or injury. Examples include being (or appearing to be) drunk, incapable, intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs, under-age (where relevant), abusive, threatening, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, declining to be searched, failure to comply with the reasonable instructions of Event officials or in breach of any of these Terms.
    – Is behaving antisocially. Examples include excessive nudity, sex or sexual behaviour in public places, excessive use of dresses of sexual subcultures. Where a Ticket holder has been ejected from the Venue or refused Entry to the Event, such Ticket holder will not be entitled to a refund and shall not be granted re-entry on another Ticket howsoever purchased or obtained, and will be put in our restriction list for the next event. 
  19. During the Event you may be exposed to loud music, smoke and/or strobe lighting. Please note that prolonged exposure to loud music can cause damage to your hearing. We strongly recommend that all attendees take any precautions they deem necessary. 
  20. The Ticket holder acknowledges any personal information collected by us (including during any search process) shall be collected and held in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy at www.stihia.org. 
  21. Admission is at your own risk. We and our affiliates will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property. 
  22. We have the right to revise and amend these Venue Terms from time to time and post the new version of on the Venue website. By continuing to use the website/ attending the Event, you signify your agreement to be bound by the amended Venue Terms. 
  23. These Terms shall be governed by Uzbek laws and we both agree to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Uzbek courts. 

The Unidentified Projects Company LLC
Address: Karakalpakstan, Muynak district, mahalla gathering of citizens “Doslyk”, st. Berdakh, house 276
Settlement account (sum): 2020 8000 0055 0598 9002
R / s (currency): 2020 8840 2055 0598 9002
in the OPERA of JSCB “Kapital Bank” Tashkent
MFI: 00974
TIN: 309349135


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