Stihia is an electronic music, arts and science festival.

The name means u2018force of natureu2019 and it comes from ancient Greek.

The Aral Sea

This project was conceived in 2017 in Uzbekistan with the aim of raising awareness about the environmental catastrophe of the Aral Sea, and to help the region.nnThe Aral Sea was once the worldu2019s fourth-largest saline lake. Over recent decades, man-made diversions have caused it to shrink to a mere shadow of its former size and created the most acute environmental problem in Central Asian region.


While primarily a music event, the festival quickly grew into a solid movement and expanded its boundaries beyond playing techno sounds at the edge of a dead sea.

Stihia is a combination of several projects that include musicians, artists, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs u2013 all united to produce a spectacular blend of human interaction in one of the most unique places in the world.


This Festival is an Everest for DJs and musicians. Some of them travel 24 hours to get to the venue. The music genres primarily include techno, acid, and progressive. Some of the great artists that Stihia has previously hosted include: Acronym, Ah! Kosmos, Alien Rain, DJ Sodeyama, Interchain, Jamaica Suk, Mama Snake, Nazira, Nina Kraviz, Prisheletz, Yan Cook, Zoya Zerkalski and many more.


15 international and 5 local bands/musicians

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