Stihia is electronic music, arts and science festival. It is an independent project incepted in 2017 in Uzbekistan with an aim to raise awareness about the environmental catastrophe of the Aral Sea. "Stihia" means "force of nature" and it comes from greek.

The dates of the festival are 14-15 May 2021.

The Aral Sea was once the world's fourth-largest saline lake. Over recent decades, man-made diversions have caused it to shrink to a mere shadow of its former size and created the most acute environmental problem in the Central Asian region.

While being primarily a music event, the project quickly grew into a solid movement and expanded its boundaries beyond playing techno sounds at the edge of the dead sea.

Stihia is a combination of several projects that include collaboration of musicians, artists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs - all united to produce a spectacular blend of human interaction in one of the most unique places in the world.

We believe that gravitational pull of talent and inspiration may produce some of the most unexpected and breakthrough results.

That is why Stihia exists.
Music Festival
Non-profit electronic music event held in one of the most distant places in the world.
Stihia Music Festival
Non-profit electronic music event held in one of the most distant places in the world.
Stihia N+1 is arts, science and technology forum that explores how human activity impacts our present and future.

Forum is a collaboration of government, researchers, scientists, artists and business leaders.

The objective is to gather creative minds with the aim at inspiration and networking, as well as work on capacity building in rural areas of the Aral Sea.

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As part of its mission, Stihia works on environmental revitalization.
"Waiting for the Sea" - documentary film directed and produced by George Itzhak - the US based film director. The film has made to several prestigious documentary film festivals, including Moscow Shorts International Film Festival, Lebanese Independent Film Festival and Prague International Indie Film Festival.

The film talks about the death of the Aral Sea, music festival and emerging electronic scene in Uzbekistan.
Stihia is currently working on something quite interesting...
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The Faculty of Acoustics LTD, / Photo credits: Timur Karpov, Anna Vedeneeva, Liliya Nasirova, Yan Matusevich, Evgeniy, Valentina Jukova and Olga Shurigina